One Woman Can Make a Difference

rose colombo

Rose Colombo was a young housewife and mother with four small children who knew how to cook the most common Indian food. She said, “I never gave a thought until 1984 about the legal system.  I was taught that people who worked in the legal system were 100% protecting the citizens.”  She remarked, “I was just a mom at home baking cookies.”  But as fate would have it, her abusive husband led her to file for a simple divorce with substantial assets. Rose found herself in a state of shock and confusion when injustices reared its ugly head and knocked on her back door.  She said, “I was thrust into the dark side of justice where I felt isolated and scared with no where to go for help.”  Her life was turned upside down overnight and she would’ve never believed that after several years of fighting back in the courts that the media would coin her as a “Crusader for Equal Justice” or feature her as a woman with a movement in major newspapers.  At the time, she owned and managed a skin care spa and her career as a licensed esthetician and professional skin care specialist involved helping people improve their appearance. She said, “I was teaching people about improving their skin and it never entered my mind that I’d end up teaching people on how to protect themselves from legal abuse and unethical attorneys” by 1989.

“How much justice can you afford?”

Rose Colombo walked into the courtroom wealthy, but after experiencing years of legal abuse, she walked out poor.  She said, “I felt that I was taken hostage and thrown into a concentration camp and stripped of my rights.”

She entered the court room to simply get a divorce from her ex-husband and instead was attacked with a web of deceit and manipulation even from her own attorneys. This was only a slight peek to a colossal level of legal corruption that she would discover & battle.

She was denied due process of law in the courts by biased judges and unethical lawyers. She was threatened with jail many times for fighting back for justice & was told to just walk away & get married again. Her own attorney told her to sell her jewelry to pay for unwarranted, additional attorney fees that was thrown at her. The incredible experiences she endured empowered her to speak up, reveal the truth, and protect the innocent so that hopefully no one else would have to endure the same kind of suffering & injustice.

After the dust settled, Rose realized that she couldn’t be the only victim of legal abuse in the nation, so she set out on her mission determined to locate victims of legal abuse. She’s interviewed hundreds of people across the nation including a few celebrities and lawyers who found themselves victimized by the legal system with no where to go for help.  Rose said, “Legal abuse doesn’t just happen in Third World countries as we’re led to believe, but legal abuse is alive and well in our own backyard.”

Rose founded the first self-help charitable group in the nation in 1989 after she experienced a rude awakening and set out on her mission helping victims of legal abuse become survivors of legal abuse.

Below are a few examples of the injustices inflicted against people witnessed by Rose:

  • Padded attorney’s fees
  • Legal extortion
  • Innocent people arrested in courtrooms and jailed
  • Activist judges manipulating the laws on the bench
  • Prejudice and bias decisions against women, children and minorities.